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Disruptive Technology Saving Money in Real Estate

Disruptive Technology: Saving Money In Real Estate

Real Estate Disruptors Over the last decade, new technologies have brought about many “disruptive” innovations that have resulted in tremendous changes for the industries they’ve affected. New emerging technologies are revolutionizing our world, and along the way will inevitably render many industries obsolete. Consider how digital content took the place of Blockbuster and Uber, who …

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real estate disruptors for 2019

Real Estate Disruptors 2019

  Forecasting 2019 Real Estate disruptors  In a technologically expanding world with artificial intelligence, electric cars, Uber, Netflix, personal space flights, bitcoin, and more, the Real Estate industry just seems to keep grinding on resisting change at every turn. But the Real Estate industry cannot hold out forever, so what are the major disruptors that …

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